ˇ°Readingˇ± Genomes

The Human Genome Project finished in 2003 was a milestone, but achieved at a cost of $3 billion. In the past few years, the innovation of next generation sequencing technology enabled us to read the nucleotide sequences of a personal genome at a price approaching $1000.We have assembled a team of physicists, chemists, molecule biologists, software engineers, to build the first single molecule sequencing platform for clinical diagnosis.



ˇ°Writingˇ± Genomes


Off-target and mosaicism are two major safety concerns of germline genome editing using CRISPR/Cas9 system. We evaluated the off-target and mosaicism in mouse, monkey and nonviable human embryos. We have developed a whole genome deep sequencing protocol to detecting off-targets. We are also working to improve the efficiency of genome editing in embryos, and reduce the mosaicism.

Genome Editing

Learn more about our work in genome editing in Youtube and Youku.